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A1 House front snowy1

A2 Front porch WS

A3 Front porch WS fro#927F7

A4 Frontyard winter

A5 Frontyard winter t#927F9

A6 Gate

A7 Driveway from gate

A8 Driveway shortside#927FC

A9 Driveway snowy tow#927FD

A10 driveway facing NE

A11 Pines nr cornfield

A12 Driveway spruce & wilow

A13 Driveway spruce 𖪁

A14 Rear lawn

A15 Lawn chaises faci#92803

A16 Chaises on lawn

A17 Grape Arbor

A18 Side willow & bench CU

A19 Crabapple trees i#92807

A20 Courtyard facing S

A21 Courtyard plum tree

A22 Courtyard

A23 Courtyard, garage#9280B

A24 Front oak

A25 Gate oak

A26 Pine grove

A27 Pine grove snowy

A28 Pine grove to entry oak

A29 front oak

A30 Lilac tree

A31 Hammock

A32 River path

A33 Rear house from r#92815

A34 River MS snowy

A35 River bench snowy

A36 Dog in river WS
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